Dark Covenant

Dark Covenant

He was the baron sworn to fulfill the marriage contract between two families. She was the woman he could not have.

A dark family secret…

Merrick von Hayden had every intention of honoring his family’s marital contract with the Pennsylvanian Hartmann family. That was until he saw Caroline, the younger sister. He can’t explain the aching attraction he feels for her, but he’s willing to risk scandal and ruin just to have her. However there are things she can never find out. Things that would tear apart any feelings she might have for him and force her back to America. Somehow Merrick must protect her from the destruction his legacy carries.

A promise to a dying sister…

Following him to his chateau deep in Germany’s Black Forest, Caroline is caught up in a passion and seduction so strong she doubts her sanity. All the while a sinister threat hovers close by, a danger much more perilous than falling in love with the Baron. When two worlds collide, Caroline and Merrick must both make choices. Choices that could bring a new future or their demise.

“A unique tale of sensuality with fascinating characters in an intriguing plot.” —Jill Marie Landis

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