You Oughta Know book cover


I am thrilled to finally have my latest novel available for my readers. It has been a long time coming. I am an eclectic writer with a penchant for following the muse instead of trends. So you will find my list includes a paranormal historical romance, time-travels, contemporary romance, true crime and now– TA-DA! — women’s fiction.

YOU OUGHTA KNOW began in my early days as a Scout leader and taking my troops (Girl Scouts & Cub Scouts) to weekend camp in the Santa Monica Mountains north of Malibu, California. My writer-brain is always spinning stories around whatever experience I am having. So, naturally, I created the fictional “Flying K” modeled after this youth camp known for decades as “Lazy J Ranch”. Back then, the staff kindly answered all my questions with great patience. At the time, the national news had covered the trial and convictions of sexual abuse in a Los Angeles nursery school. The scandal brought scrutiny of all child-oriented facilities, including youth camps.  (Sadly, this issue has come back into the news in the last few years.) Counselors must be extra careful about hugging or allowing a child to climb on their laps. Hearing this, my mind immediately wondered, “What if a youth camp counselor is accused of misconduct by the court of public opinion even though the victim refuses to tell his secret, let alone named anyone at the camp as his abuser?” 

And so the story began in my head. 

But Jason — the boy in YOU OUGHTA KNOW — isn’t the only person with a secret he can’t tell anyone. His parents, Megan and Stewart, have their own secrets. As does Griffin, a teenage junior counselor, who ultimately helps Jase finally reveal what had happened to him. And rebellious Taylor, another teen junior counselor with divorced parents preoccupied by their Hollywood careers. Camp owner, Sam, manages to keep everything running smoothly until he finds himself falling for Megan when he learns her marriage is over. But it all unravels when Stewart believes his son has been abused by Sam. 

This book went through three working titles until a few months ago. Even though I had heard the Alanis Morissette song dozens of times, one day the lyrics jumped out at me.  Each character in my book had, in one way or another, been betrayed by someone close to them. Each of them could have said, “You oughta know ….the mess you made when you left.” 

FYI, titles of songs and books are not subject to copyright laws. However, I can’t quote the lyrics of the song without permission. 

So now YOU know the meaning behind the title. 

I certainly hope you will pick up a copy wherever you buy your books!

Happy reading!

– Sue