You Oughta Know

You Oughta Know

Women's Fiction - A single mother’s journey of hope, courage and strength.




There are things in life you oughta know if your heart is going to survive.

Her husband held all the cards—money, fame and power—but a shocking revelation destroys both Megan Fisher’s self-esteem and her marriage, and now she must figure out a way to take back her independence, pick up the pieces of her life, and care for her ten-year-old son.

When a job opens up at a summer camp in Malibu, Megan jumps at the chance to be a counselor. She’ll be able to provide for her son and they’ll both have a safe place to heal. Little does Megan know that they have stepped into a world where even the promise of new love is tainted by accusations that threaten to shatter Megan’s heart—and her son’s—once again.

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