“Success is an indefinable term… “

I have been in this writing game for a long time. Over the years, I have taken extensive notes from workshops given by authors who have spoken at the Orange County Chapter of Romance Writers of America.  Today’s quote is from best-selling author, Jayne Ann Krentz – “Success is an indefinable term, a fleeting, ephemeral thing, a ghost. The more you chase it, the more remote it becomes. But the writing originates somewhere inside yourself. You can nurture it, control it, experiment with it. It’s yours and yours alone. Take your true satisfaction from inside yourself, not from the outside Read more…

Pics of Gratitude – Day 9

Day 9.  Ready to work on the treadmill in the sunroom. Homemade writing desk made from a shelf and two bungie cords. I had just set it up when temps hit 104 degrees! So we moved it into my office.

Pics of Gratitude – Day 6

Day 6. Granddaughter’s 1st time on skates with a little help from Grandpa. I’m proud of her determination.