Prayers For Alyssa – ANSWERED!

11696768_606572869484973_30499691_nAt the end of May, my 5-year-old great-niece, Alyssa, fell from a second-floor window onto concrete, fracturing her skull.  Her mommy posted on Facebook, asking for prayers. Hundreds, if not thousands, of friends, family and strangers offered support and shared with their friends and family. [Here is my initial blog post.]

The first few days were rough. But little Alyssa is a tough cookie. Amazingly, there were no other injuries. The fever subsided. The brain swelling went down. By day five, she was able to go home from the hospital, though she was still having difficulty finding the right words to talk. Since then, she has been receiving physical therapy & speech therapy.

Today, her mommy posted this picture with the following update:

“Yeaaaaaahhhhhhhh GRATEFUL GRATEFUL heart. …….Alyssa just had a three hour neurological exam and she passed and will not have to return for a 9-12 months. We will continue her weekly speech therapy but so far nothing is going to slow her down.”

Thank you so much to everyone who kept Alyssa in your thoughts and prayers!