Day 2 POG – Palo Verde

Day 2 - Palo Verde Tree_300pxFor decades I lived two blocks from a major thoroughfare, Palo Verde Avenue in Long Beach, California. For a few years, I volunteered for the Gray Whale Census  at the Point Vincente Lighthouse on the Palos Verdes Peninsula. PV Pennisula is also the setting of a murder in the true crime novel co-written with Deanne Acuña – LOSING LISA: Intuitive Investigator Series, Book One. Not once did I stop to wonder about the name.

Since moving to Vegas valley I learned the green-bark trees that seem to be everywhere are Palo Verde trees. (The word actually means “Green Stick” in Spanish.) Lately, they have been full of beautiful small yellow flowers.  Not only do I enjoy seeing them, now that I know their name, I’m reminded of my old home . . . and I am grateful.