Picture of Gratitude (POG) Day 4 – Sun Breaks Through Storm Clouds

Picture of Gratitude (POG) Day 4.  The morning sun breaking through dark storm clouds is a perfect picture of how I feel today.

Due to the dire circumstances with my 5-yr-old great-niece, I chose to write about Alyssa instead of posting POG #3 yesterday. (See it on Instagram.) In case you missed my “#PrayersforAlyssa” post, she fell through a 2nd floor open window onto concrete and fractured her skull. Doctors warned the first seventy-two hours were critical regarding the brain swelling. Today dawns with great news of her improvement! She battled a fever for a short while yesterday but that crisis passed. Xrays show no other broken bones or injuries. Now she is sitting up and talking. She was allowed to stand for a little bit before put back to bed.

I am so grateful for answered prayers. So many people shared my plea for prayers on Facebook–real-life friends and my cyber-friends. Friends of their friends shared. Over sixty-two shares were shared again and again. I have no idea how many prayed for little Alyssa. Hundreds and hundreds. I may never know or be able to thank them individually. Still, I appreciate every single one of them taking a few moments from their busy days to sending healing love and prayers.  Bless all of you, wherever you are!